Patheyam Telecast on Asianet


Patheyam Telecast on Asianet

A general deterioration is seen today in the values of individuals, families and society. Daily news from the Media points to this fact. It reminds us of the necessity for developing virtue, love and brotherhood among people. The nurturing of secularism and humanitarianism is the necessity of the times. We had always the desire to do something for society as part of our social commitment.

We happened to see Swami Gururetnam Jnana Tapaswi’s Patheyam on AsiaNet. It is an interesting program combining experiences and narratives. The Swami’s efforts to promote secularism and humanitarianism attracted us. We wanted to be associated with Swami in this program. Swami has gladly accepted our offer for sponsorship of this program. Please do participate in this program for social transformation. Watch Patheyam telecast by AsiaNet from Monday to Friday between 6.45 AM to 7 AM and share your valuable comments and suggestions.