Prathishta Varshikam

The ‘Prathishta Varshikam’ (anniversary of Consecration) of the ‘Aumkaram’ in the Prayer Hall is observed on ‘Makaram’ 28, Malayalam Calendar (generally falling in January-February). The completion of the ‘Prathishta’ is observed on ‘Medham’ 10 (falling in April). Special prayers are held on these sacred days, granted to humanity to dedicate itself to the Supreme.

Guru had Himself performed the consecration, which denoted the pouring out of the Guru’s ‘Atmapunya’ (Soul Effulgence) into it. The consecration is in the shape of a magnificent golden lotus with the conceptual 2,444 petals, denoting the 2,444 ‘acharyas’ (teachers) who came in this Kali Yuga to preach the message of the Supreme to mankind. The lotus is placed on a platform with ten steps signifying the Guru’s escalation above ten spiritual stages. On top of the lotus is the glittering ‘Aumkaram’, located at the centre of a human form. Rays of light are spreading in all directions from the ‘Aumkaram’.