Dairy Farm

The Dairy Farm is an important division, supplying milk and milk products for the use of the Ashram and the Santhigiri Ayurveda & Siddha Vaidyasala. Cow dung is also supplied from here for use as organic manure. Some of the ashram branches also have small-time dairy operations.

More than 300 litres of milk is produced every day from the Dairy Farm at Pothencode. This is also sold to the devotees and the local people.

Daily, 50 pails of cow dung are produced and used for organic farming. In a pioneering effort, the Ashram has undertaken the manufacture of bio-fertiliser through a bacterial process utilizing cow dung and the organic waste generated by the Ashram as the raw materials. The bio-fertiliser called ‘Santhigiri Prakrithi Neethi’ is used by the Ashram’s Agriculture Department and also distributed outside.