A wide variety of local and exotic flowers is grown in the Santhigiri Flower Gardens spread over two acres of land close to the Ashram. Apart from use in the Ashram, the flowers are also supplied to the Santhigiri Ayurveda & Siddha Vaidyasala for the manufacture of medicines. For example, rose petals are used for making ‘Nethradhara’. Flowers such as Jasmine are also used in medicine preparation.

The women’s wing of the Ashram, ‘Santhigiri Mathrumandalam’, is actively involved in the upkeep of the flower gardens. On an average, flowers worth Rupees Three lakhs are bought by the Ashram every year. The in-house gardens are able to meet to a limited extent only the Ashram’s requirement of flowers for prayers and functions. There are plans to step up the production of flowers by bringing more land under cultivation.