(Guru’s merger in Adisankalpam)

This is the day on which Guru left His physical body and merged in the ‘Adisankalpam’ (The Plane of Primordial Consciousness), on May 6th, 1999. The Guru’s ‘Prakasham’ (Light) is now present in the world as ‘Nava Oli’ (A New Light). The day is observed as ‘Navaolijyothirdinam – Sarvamangala Sudinam’ (the Day of the New Light, Auspicious for All). Devotees observe ‘vratam’ (austerities) for 72 days prior to ‘Navaolijyothirdinam’, commemorating the 72 years that Guru lived, enduring great sacrifices and hardships. A Deepa Pradakshina is held in the evening, followed by a special ‘pushpanjali’ (floral offering) by the sanyasi sangh. A spectacular fireworks and percussion display is held after the 9 p.m. prayers to mark the time of the Guru’s physical departure.