Santhigiri Sukham Tharum Pudava

Clothes are a basic requirement of human beings. As exemplified by its name (which translates to ‘comfort giving clothes’), it is the endeavour of ‘Santhigiri Sukham Tharum Pudava’ to provide comfortable and well stitched clothes at a reasonable price.

This was started as a small tailoring unit in the Ashram premises in 1994-95 to execute stitching works for the Ashram inmates. The stitching unit shifted from the Ashram to separate premises in the Healthcare Zone in 1999. There are separate tailoring units for men and women.

Santhigiri Sukham Tharum Pudava has now branched out to several units in different districts of Kerala including Kollam, Kozhikode, Kannur and Thiruvananthapuram. Apart from stitching clothes for the Ashram inmates, these units undertake outside works also. Besides stitching, the units execute beautiful embroidery and fabric painting works.

The unit at Thiruvananthapuram specialises in stitching men’s shirts. The Kozhikode unit, which is the largest of the Santhigiri Sukham Tharum Pudava unit, undertakes the sale of readymade garments also in a limited manner. The Santhigiri Sukham Tharum Pudava units also teach tailoring. Thus, this unit helps in the economic empowerment of women, teaching them a basic skill and providing an opportunity to make productive use of it.