'Gurupooja' or 'Pithrushuddhi' and 'Devashuddhi' (cleansing of ancestral manes and the deities worshipped by them) is a unique spiritual ‘karma’ that “NAVAJYOTHISREE KARUNAKARA GURU” was authorized to perform following the Guru’s spiritual completion in 1973.


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The errors (‘dosham’) in ancestral lineage or worship traditions manifest as misfortunes such as untimely deaths, chronic ill-health, financial problems, bad offspring etc. in families. The correction of these errors is beyond the capacity of ordinary individuals, who have no choice but to bear the slingshots of life, blaming them on their ‘fate’. Performance of rites and rituals can at best provide only temporary relief, doing nothing to cure the underlying malaise which causes these problems.

Following His spiritual attainment in 1973, “NAVAJYOTHISREE KARUNAKARA GURU” was authorized by the Almighty to cleanse these ‘dosham’ through His Divine Grace. The 'Gurupooja' at Santhigiri is performed without any rites or rituals by a designated spiritually evolved disciple following Guru’s instruction. This is an astral task of spiritual intercession carried out through ‘sankalpam’ (resolute prayer for intercession) to Guru. With this, the ancestral lineage and the deities worshipped by them are brought into the Guru’s Divine Light, freeing them of the errors accumulated through thousands of births.

In the 'Santhigiri Parampara', children are planned after this purification, which paves the way for the birth of souls with a higher quotient of merit (punya), luck (bhagyam) and propensity for action (karmasheshi). Elevated souls can also take birth in families thus cleansed. Guru envisions the emergence of a new generation of children with virtue, luck and the wisdom to perform the right action in the right manner, bringing peace and tranquility in the world.

'Gurupooja', however, should not be considered as a ‘magic pill’ for realizing any immediate material gains. It is a task aimed at the evolution of the soul that entails a righteous and disciplined lifestyle by the families for which this mighty karma is performed.