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santhigiriashram GOPALANAM - rearing of and protection of cows in an important National goal of India. Santhigiri Ashram from its inception has taken up it as a sacred mission. Scientific Research has found that India’s indigenous cows are the most immune-efficient breeds in the world. The Vechur Cows of Kerala belong to this genus. This cow is very small in size and is the unique breed of Kerala. It’s urine, cowdung and milk have high medicinal properties. The Ashram aims to have a large collection of Vechur cows and related products as part at its project. Rearing of cows is traditionally considered as a noble holy activity. Santhigiri Ashram maintains dairy units in most of the Ashram branches. Now the Ashram is planning to renovate its dairy units to state of the art level by introducing improved living environment, healthy cattle feed plans, better breed quality etc. To start with it is propposed to renovate the Dairy Unit located at the Ashram headquaters, making it a model unit.

santhigiriashramThe project includes construction/renovation of cowsheds to facilitate clean and comfortable living environment, cultivation of grass in about six acres of land to ensure continuous availability of grass fodder, facilities for cattle feed preparation from natural inputs and plans to improve breed quality of livestock. The project envisages increasing milk output and improvement in milk quality in a cost effective way. The cost of project is around 100 lakhs. The milk output is expected to be 400 litres per day from about forty milk yieding cows. We are for your whole hearted co-operation and participation in this noble initiative.

The participation can be by GOUDANAM (Samarpanam of cows), contribution towards construction or samarpanam towards daily operating expenses.Requesting once again for your generous contribution to facilitate timely completion of this model project.

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