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santhigiriashramGuru gave prime importance to Annadanam. Whenever someone visited the Ashram, Guru used to ask them first to have food and then talk to him. The hunger and well being of the body have to be addressed first as the body is the instrument for the functioning of the soul. Thus, thousands of visitors to the Ashram and to any of its 22 branches are served food three times a day. 'Annadanam' is considered to be a 'Mahadanam' or the best offering that one can make to earn merit for oneself. Annadanam is considered the pinnacle of all penance ever giving food for the needy will skyrocket one’s deed score to a whole new level.

The Prasadham (food) is served by volunteer devotees in an atmosphere of prayer for the Universal peace and Welfare where each visitor is served as though being served to "God".in reverence to Guru's ideologies. Santhigiri is one such Organization, continuing this great service unintreruptedly since its inception 50 years ago ,serving food to over 2000 people every day and still continuing . Santhigiri treats food Prasadam( God’s Essence) and urges its part takers to view it with due holiness, in order to ensure that the spiritual and physical benefits from the food are transferred to spiritual energy , the primary reason why we feel that the food we partake from Santhigiri is extra-ordinarily tasty.

Guru always mentioned that in ones life there are many "dharmas" of each the most prominent is Dana Dharma and again in that most eminent is the " Annadanam". The devotees always do this Annadanam in every occasion associated in ones life(like Birthdays,Anniversaries, Remembrance etc.)

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