Mobile Clinics

Functional since the 1980s, the Santhigiri Mobile Clinics take healthcare to the doorstep of the needy, especially in the rural areas. Free consultation is provided by registered medical practitioners on board the mobile clinics. Siddha and Ayurveda medicines are also dispensed through these ‘clinics on wheels’, which are operational in several parts of India.

The mobile clinics are parked near busy market areas from morning till evening, providing an opportunity to the people to avail of free medical consultation while going about their regular routine. The mobile clinics save the people the time and effort taken in travelling to a hospital. The mobile clinics especially cover rural areas as the people here may not have adequate facilities to travel to town for medical services.

The Mobile Clinics, which were initially operational in Kerala, were later launched in several other Indian cities such as Ahmedabad, Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore, because of their popularity.