24 August 2017 - Inauguration of Global Spiritual Conclave

Kerala Perpetuated its Legacy as ‘Gods Own Country’ through Navajyothi Sree Karunakara Guru, - Sudarshan Bhagat

Pothencode: Kerala has given birth to great spiritual teachers like Sri Sankara, Sri Narayana Guru and
others who have greatly contributed to the socio-cultural transformation of India. Kerala has
perpetuated this legacy and its status as the Gods Own Country through Navajyothi Sree Karunakara
Guru. This was stated by Sudarshan Bhagat, the Minister of State for Agriculture and Farmer’s Welfare,
Govt. of India. He was inaugurating the Global Spiritual Conclave organized by Santhigiri Research
Foundation in Santhigiri Ashram in connection with Navapoojitam, the birth anniversary of Navajyothi
Sree Karunakara Guru. Through Sishya Poojita, the venerable among the disciples, the Guru has kept
alive the flow of wisdom transmission after His physical departure, he said. There existed a rich spiritual
culture in India. However, over the ages, this rich spiritual culture has undergone distortion in the hands
of selfish groups. Today, man is getting alienated from the enriching wisdom of sages in his struggle for
fulfilling the necessities of life, he mentioned.
Prof. S.R. Bhatt, Chairman, Indian Council of Philosophical Research presided over the function. In his
speech Prof. Bhatt said that Dharma has been a pivotal and pervasive concept and overriding
principle in different forms in all cultures and civilizations of the world and it has played an
important and cardinal role in guiding and shaping our view of Reality and way of life. In India
in particular it has been foundational tenet for all aspects of human life. The universal principles
of peaceful co-existence, cooperation, mutual care and share, non-violence, friendliness,
compassion, peace, truth, honesty, selflessness etc. have been integral part of dharmic ethics of
the Vedic exhortations and these have been reiterated by Buddha, Mahavira, Nanak and all sages
and seers of India time and again. It is our bounden duty to revisit them, reinforce them and put
them to practice. Dharma and polity have very close connection, the former providing base and
guiding principles to the latter. Well-being of the total cosmos was the paramount consideration
of the Indian thinkers., he added. He complemented Santhigiri Research Foundtion for
organizing the conference with the objective to reiterate these noble ideas and ideals for the
welfare of the whole humanity and the entire cosmos and to facilitate their crosspollination for
fostering peace and harmony in the world so that dharma becomes a veritable force for
celebration of happiness and plenitude all over the troubled globe.
Venerable Banagala Upathisa Thero, President of Sri Lankan Mahabodhi Society, Venerable
Thic Tam Duc, Associate Professor, Buddhist Research Institute, Vietnam were the chief guests
in the inaugural function. Swami Chaitanya Jnana Tapaswi, General Secretary Santhigiri
Ashram, Padmasri D.R. Karthikeyan, former Director of Central Bureau of Investigation,
Padmasri J.S. Rajput, former Director, National Council of Educational Research, Prof. Sreekala

M. Nair, Dept, if Philosophy, Sri Sankaracharya Sanskrit University, Kalady and Dr. S.S. Unni
delivered speeches. Dr. K. Gopinathan Pillai, Fellow, Santhigiri Research Foundation welcomed
the gathering and Prof. K. Rajashekaran Nair, Fellow, gave vote of thanks.

Photo Caption
Sudarshan Bhagat, the Minister of State for Agriculture and Farmer’s Welfare, Govt. of India
inaugurating the Global spiritual Conclave.