20 Sep 2016 - Kumbha Mela Celebration at Santhgiri Ashram

Pothencode: Thousands of devotees of Navajyoti Sri Karunakara Guru took part in the kumbhamela at Santhigiri Ashram here today. The annual Kumbhamela attracts thousands of devotees from India and abroad. It is believed that by taking part in the kumbhamela successively for twelve years, observing eleven days of vows, a person can get rid of karmic ailments and purify one’s soul. Kumbhamela is celebrated in commemoration of Navajyoti Sri Karunakara Guru’s spiritual ascendancy after a series of spiritual tests and penance in the year 1973. According to the believers, it was on this occasion that another phase of a great spiritual renaissance was initiated through the Guru.

The highlight of rituals was a procession in the evening by thousands of devotees carrying ceremonial kumbhams, i.e. decorated mud pots containing teertham - water sanctified with prayers and medicinal herbs. The colorful kumbhamela procession was accompanied by bands of percussion artists and a huge gathering of devotees carrying traditional lamps moving piously chanting guru mantras. The rituals in connection with the kumbhamela began at 5 PM in the Ashram with a special floral offering and prayers at the Lotus Parnasala. In the subsequent rituals, the sanyasis of the Ashram and 72 chosen householders also performed special floral offerings, followed by the assembled devotees. There were flag hoisting, offerings to Guru and adoration of Guru and other ceremonies. Kumbhamela marked the conclusion of year long Navati celebrations of Navajyoti Sri Karunakara Guru.

In the Meeting organized in connection with the event, Prof. G. Aravindan, famous artist and writer, Dr. N. Jayachandran Natuvalli, Gujarat Governor Medical Board Member, Sri Mariappan, Press Information Bureau Additional Director and Sri A. Srinivasan, were felicitated.