Arogyapadmam Family Health Magazine from Santhigiri Ashram

A monthly general family health magazine, Arogya Padmam is among the latest offerings of Santhigiri Publications. A healthy body is essential not only for carrying out one's day-to-day activities but also to pursue spiritual goals.

Started in 2007, Arogya Padmam focuses on simple home remedies to enable the common people to look after their health needs in a balanced manner. Emphasising the preventive aspect of healthcare, the magazine takes up special and topical subjects in each issue. Articles are also contributed by well known doctors and specialists from different medical systems.

Arogya Padmam is noteworthy for maintaining high standards of editorial and pictorial content. It caters to all age groups and can be comfortably read in a family setting.

Among the vernacular health publications, Arogyapadmam is much ahead nationally. Arogya Padmam has become the third most circulated health magazine within one year of its publication.