Santhigiri Ayurvedam

concern5. Based on Guru's unique Holistic Healthcare Philosophy enshrined in Rightousness aimed at providing authentic healthcare through modern and ancient Indian Medicine Systems.

Healing the sick is considered the most charitable among services rendered to humanity .In Santhigiri Guru has redefined the concept of healthcare through a 'Nava Arogya Dharma Sidhantham ' A New Doctrine of Healthcare Emphasizing Rightousness'. Through this the goodness of all ,medical systems is intergrated with a focus on Ayurveda, Siddha, Modern Medicine and Homoeopathy encompassing the spiritual aspect, which is the most unique feature of healthcare in Santhigiri.

The Ashram has started a health service mission called "Karunyam" which aims at using the traditioanl Indian systems of medicine to provide healthcare to the needy in a systematic manner, throughtout India.