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GOvernment Of india
                      new Delhi

                                       DR.haRsh VaRDhan
                             Union minister for health & family welfare,
                              science & technology anD earth sciences

             It  gives  me  a  great  pleasure  to  learn  about  the  Diamond  jubilee  celebra-
             tions  of Santhigiri Ashram founded by his Holiness NAVAJYOTHI SREE
             KARUNAKARAGURU. The Ashram in its true tradition has made significant
             contribution in bringing our ancient Wisdom and Knowledge to those un-
             aware and ignorant of this treasure trove. The great souls associated with the
             Ashram have continued the saintly work of Guru. it is a moment to reminisce
             our vedic scriptures which are replete with valuable information that has to
             be spread to make the planet livable by imbuing the thought of ‘ Vasudhaiva
             Kutumbakam' or the universal love and brotherhood. Our Rishis left behind
             a cache of knowledge be it philosophy, medicine or environment which has
             stood the test of times. Where as the west is now overwhelmed by our en-
             cient knowledge of science and culture seeking tranquility by practicing Yoga
             and resonating AUM, our own young generation has to learn to respect such
             thoughts and simple ways to have a peaceful living. I feel privileged having
             been asked to say something about the activities of Ashram that has served
             the humanity with humility avoiding lime light and publicity in true vedic Tra-
             dition. I offer my respects to the Great GURU and wish the Ashram will play
             even grander role in strengthening the revival of ancient indian ethos.

             With best wishes,

                                                                Dr.Harsh Vardhan
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