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GOvernment Of india
                     new Delhi

                                          Rajnath singh
                                      Defence minister of inDia


               I am happy to know that Santhigiri Ashram is celebrating 93  Birth-
               day of Navajyothi SreeKarunakaraGuru on 3  September 2019 during
               the Diamond Jubilee Celebration of Ashram and also bringing out a
               souvenir to mark the occasion.
                    The Santhigiri Ashram has made tremendous progress in recent
               years with its message of service and peace. It has been serving the
               society and the country since its inception.
                    I extend my best wishes to the devotees of Navajyothi Sree
               Karunakara Guru and the organizers of the Santhigiri Ashram and
               Charitable Society.

               With good wishes,

                                                                      Rajnath singh
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